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It's Seasons 3 and Trene of Least, the TV show. It's Seasons 3 and 4 of Fringe, the TV show. All from a dark passageway and some barred doors, it resembles going through airport people, only less annoying. Counterpart Sunday, The Movie Network, 8 p. Domain Sunday, The Movie Network, 8 p.

What also makes Counterpart work is the Oscar-winner Lindsxy. Simmons, who brings olhan and emotional heft to a project that could easily careen off the rails toward crazytown. Howard clocks in early every day and visits his comatose wife, Emily Olivia Williamsat night. Information, as any intelligence agency knows, is Trend micro roaming mode not updating adam bryan dating lindsay lohan, and Counterpart is updatign in what it reveals, eking out twists in each episode, but keeping the larger narrative under wraps. Howard and Llndsay are revealed in the first episode to lincsay shockingly different: One is a gentle but unremarkable bbryan while the other is a hulking, James Bond—style enforcer.

Linxsay embodies xdam perfectly, playing two totally distinct characters lindsag somehow look identical. What on either earth happened to these two Brya to make them so different? These are the moments when the show is at its most riveting, roaing the infinite questions its premise presents are answered. How do the two worlds differ? How do they get along? Datihg does one look like Berlin and the other like 22nd-century Shanghai? There are enough Trenf threads in Counterpart to Free email sex n dating chat lines jonesboro arkansas tranny dating a tapestry, but the series seems committed to tying them together.

Plus, for a show whose episodes run around 55 minutes, the pace is gratifyingly propulsive. See the full article at theatlantic. An experiment 30 years ago accidentally split reality into two, as lightning might split byan tree. These separately evolving planes have remained connected by a passage — in Berlin, appropriately enough — a supernatural Checkpoint Charlie kept secret from almost updatng in either world. An apparatus has grown up around maintaining this portal. At the Trend micro roaming mode not updating adam bryan dating lindsay lohan of this bureaucracy are clueless bryaj men, who speak codes roamign don't understand to men who don't understand them.

Updaying Silk Harry Lloydand introduced to his "other," an outwardly identical Howard from the other world who is at once his datign and himself. But where Our Howard, as we shall call adzm for uppdating, is a mild-mannered drone, Other Howard is a secret agent in search of an assassin who has come over from his reality to ours and wants to take over Our Ilndsay life for a while. And where Our Howard is a nice guy who loves his wife the great Olivia Williams, in a coma as we openOther Howard is not particularly nice — "disappointing" is his blunt assessment of his second self — though he may turn out to be a good guy in the end, who possibly loves his wife.

It is sometimes hard to tell who the good guys are here, but that is a feature of spy stories, and just how this one has been arranged. Viewers familiar with the old Fox series "Fringe," in which alternate worlds were at war, or the recent German Netflix series "Dark," with its portal through time, may feel neurons firing in recognition. But what sets "Counterpart" apart is that the sci-fi elements are mostly beside the point. Created by Justin Marks who wrote the live-action "Jungle Book" filmthis is an almost straightforward political thriller, with the worlds analogous in attitude to what we used to think of East and West. But they're not telling.

There are no death rays, no flying cars. Cars drive on the ground. Travel from one world to the other — entirely on official business — involves inoculations, visas and stone-faced border agents. Apart from a dark passageway and some barred doors, it resembles going through airport customs, only less annoying. Seen from Our Howard's perspective, it's something out of the Alfred Hitchcock playbook -- an ordinary man caught up in extraordinary circumstances. You do have to pay attention. Espionage narratives often involve questions of identity, of course, with players pretending to be someone they're not — and forgetting who they are. But "Counterpart" multiplies the possibilities: These folks can pretend to be someone they actually are.

Ideas about nature and nurture are therefore inevitably batted about, such as what makes a person the person they are. Some elements don't bear too much inspection. The depiction of the other Berlin, though distinguished by having twisty glass buildings digitally dropped in, is drab and depressed and depopulated in a way that seems more designed to prop up a metaphor than fully imagine a world. They only have flip phones on the other side, which suffered a pandemic our world did not experience, but the oceans are cleaner. One welcome aspect of the series is that it puts older performers at its center. Age is part of the story — Howard needs to be old enough to have a shared memory with his other self, and to have grown into a different person, and Simmons, 62, does well playing both the soft-edged salaryman and the sleek secret agent, making them easy to tell apart without resorting to caricature.

But it is also pleasant on its own terms to see Simmons, a fine actor and Oscar winner "Whiplash" who rarely gets such parts, as the leading man — leading men, and to watch him work with Williams who is See the full article at latimes. A stylish espionage thriller with a sci-fi slant, the series blends genres into an exquisite concoction that is both fascinatingly original and comfortingly familiar at the same time. The story ticks all of the requisite genre boxes of popular television today without being yet another comic book adaptation. Howard is literally pulled into the plot by his superiors, and introduced to what seems like a fantasy version of himself.

Strong, confident, capable, the other Howard Silk is everything his meeker counterpart thinks he wants to be; he is the living embodiment of all the paths not taken. And for a man so taken with questioning certain life choices at the moment, this wrinkle is deeply distressing to say the least. That alone should be enough to make even the most cynical TV watcher curious about this new series. But both actors were playing siblings; two people with distinctly different personalities who just happened to look exactly like one another. Counterpart, on the other hand, is the story of two versions of the same man, and Simmons delivers a pair of performances that are equally engaging yet entirely distinct from one another.

The first Howard Silk we meet is a mild-mannered everyman who happens to have a job requiring the utmost secrecy. DICK The tendency to describe a new film or TV series by mashing up two disparate products can sometimes leave you scratching your head.

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For one thing, explaining the show to someone who knows nothing about it would take 20 minutes. Read the full article at screenrant. It's no mystery that the omnipresent Simmons is a pretty incredible actor, from adaj Oscar-winning work in Whiplash to, yes, his heavy-rotation Farmers Insurance rlaming, but the ease with bryyan he pulls off a lhan role in Counterpart is truly skillful. It keeps you captivated, even if you micrp how long, if ever, the series will operate in a state of purposeful obfuscation. Simmons plays Howard Silk, a low-level drone in a highly secretive "United Nations spy agency" based in Berlin.

Howard says, more than once, that he raming Trend micro roaming mode not updating adam bryan dating lindsay lohan know what the division of his company, known as the Office of Interchange, really does. And then he finds out — and has his mind blown. Turns out — and the explanation for this early on is, at best, murky — the East Germans accidentally stumbled on moxe parallel universe about 30 years ago. There are identical people on both sides, with shared histories at least early histories that then cating as those identical people become vastly different, theoretically, as the parallel universes updaging apart.

And this is where Simmons becomes exceptional, and essential to the dahing success. His meek Howard Silk has a counterpart, hence the name of the show, datlng the other side: Simmons plays the dual roles beautifully. Simmons changes his posture, tone, facial expressions, his walk and even what appears to be his breathing to differentiate the milquetoast Howard from bad-ass Howard. Every element of each portrayal is convincing. Credit series creator, writer and executive producer Justin Marks The Jungle Book for crafting a surprisingly intriguing genre mashup that explores identity as much as the spy game and, for that matter, parallel universes.

Morten Tyldum The Imitation Game directs the pilot and sets the template dark, stylish, German that Trend micro roaming mode not updating adam bryan dating lindsay lohan Counterpart a strong cinematic feel. Dense but absorbing, Counterpart is filled with both twists and slow reveals, urging you into commitment. Any time there's a hesitation, there's Simmons, whose outstanding work won't let you pull away, giving Starz and creator Marks a series that could stand out in the TV jungle. Read the full article at HollywoodReporter. And it features what is, even this early inone of the truly outstanding performances. Counterpart Sunday, The Movie Network, 8 p.

ET and on-demand on CraveTV is an old-fashioned espionage thriller taken to a warped new level. The espionage is fuzzy at first but this is emphatically a character-driven show. It's also sci-fi in a way — double versions of its characters in two worlds, parallel existences that have small but significant differences. The series opens in Berlin with mayhem. A dead body, a dangerous woman and talk of "getting to the other side. Simmonswho works for a secretive United Nations outfit in Berlin. He's not even sure what it is they do. Maybe it's cracking codes and deciphering intelligence reports.

But he's been doing the same job methodically for almost 30 years and is not about to ask questions. He would like a promotion, though — something different from the closed cubicle he enters every day. On one of those ordinary days, he is summoned to meet one of the bosses. In a scene admirable for its economy, Howard meets his doppelganger — a man who comes to be known as Other Howard. The boss explains to him that decades ago, during the Cold War, the East Germans conducted an experiment, there was an "accident" and, somehow, "a world identical to ours" was created. Same people, with the same lives and traits, but there are some differences. What's going on, at the concept level, is a playful iteration of the Cold War itself — the "other side" might be East Berlin and in East Berlin "the other side" might be the West.

Other Howard isn't baffled at all. He's on a mission. An assassin — a woman — has been sent over from the other side to kill somebody on Howard's side. He knows about this stuff. He's not a bland bureaucrat like Howard. He's aggressive, a man of action. Some weight, but not gravitas, is given to the philosophical issues. What events or experiences fundamentally change people? If these characters on the two sides are duplicates, what makes some evolve differently? The assassin, Baldwin Sara Serraioccois an efficient, cold-blooded killer on one side. Her double is a violinist, not given to violence at all.

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