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Sophia from orange is the new black. Stella Carlin

More, orangf Elle reportsStella will be the crux of a new Piper-Alex table triangle, which doesn't exactly sound too promising. Unfortunately, as Elle reportsNwe will grom the crux of a new Piper-Alex love triangle, which doesn't exactly sound too promising. Gloria begs Alexa to help him anyway, for her, not for him, and Sophia reluctantly agrees. But, as Elle reportsStella will be the crux of a new Piper-Alex love designing, which doesn't exactly sound too promising. Gloria begs Sophia to make him anyway, for her, not for him, and Sophia reluctantly agrees. He pages to help and Gloria offers to assist him, with Humps and any other computers saying "I used to be a fireman- a firefighter.

Here's hoping Red takes a backseat this Sophla, because as much as we love Kate Mulgrew, it's time to give the other girls a shot. Season 1's "Lesbian Request Denied" proved that Cox can handle drama as well as comedy, so let her show off her skills! Let's check back in with Sophia's family, especially her son Michael, but also see her get more involved in the current-day plots. Sophia has mentioned a rivalry with Danita, the other Litchfield hairdresser. Show us more of that! Who are her friends?

Sophia Burset

What gets her through the long prison Carlln We don't care what Sophia does, as long as she's front and center this year. Don't drag out Piper's secret: We are thrilled that Alex Laura Prepon is returning to Litchfield. We are not thrilled, however, at the prospect of dragging out all season long the reveal blcak. Piper is the reason Alex is back in prison. Any happiness the pair finds in the beginning of the season is only going to be marred by us waiting for the other shoe to drop. Have someone spill the Sophia from orange is the new black. Stella Carlin early so that we can move on from the imminent breakup and get to the make-up!

More Nicky and Alex: While we're not rooting for them to have a romantic relationship, it would be scandalously juicy to have Alex resume her drug-dealing ways at Litchfield and see what that does to her relationship with Piper. After all, Alex has admitted that the only teh she knows how to do is move large quantities of heroin she's orage "really fing good at it". What Sophia from orange is the new black. Stella Carlin place to start Calrin getting rid of that stash of heroin Nicky Natasha Lyonne has hidden in that air vent? Plus, it Sophoa be interesting to see whether Alex enables her friend's addiction or helps Stelpa resist temptation.

Orange is at its best not when digging into the life of an individual inmate, but when all the women are together. The group scenes shake up the dynamics and keep things fresh. But since last season was so segregated between the different prison factions, we missed out on all the amazing and often hilarious ways the women's different life experiences clash with each other. Hopefully, Season 3 will find ways to bring the women together more often, because these scenes often provide some of the show's much-needed levity think: Season 2's job fair or Season 1's WAC campaign. Keep pushing The Gay Agenda: One of the most interesting turns last season took was the unexpected alliance between Big Boo and Pennsatucky Taryn Manning.

But will 'Tucky catch on that there is no secret lesbian conspiracy to take over the world? This is shown in her generally upbeat attitude and kindness towards others. She does not even truly retaliate until she is in danger. Anger does not seem to be her coping mechanism in dealing with frustrations from the outside world. She values her job as parent and provider - even resorting to fraud when it becomes necessary. Her inability to provide and care for her son is a large source of guilt. Having grown up biologically male and experienced male privilege for most of her life, Sophia is revealed to have some misogynistic views.

Classism also seems to be a subtle part of her outlook. She assumes Benny is responsible for a fight that involved her son simply because he is from a less privileged neighborhood. Physical Appearance Sophia is 6'0" tall and wears a light chestnut wig. She is always done up nicely and wears lipstick. Biography For a list of episodes featuring Sophia's flashbacks, see here. Before transitioning, Sophia was a firefighter named Marcus and was married to Crystalwith whom she had a son, Michael. To pay for her sex-reassignment operations, she stole credit cards, boosting them to finance her surgeries.

Throughout the entire process, her unknowing wife stuck by her, but Michael had difficulty accepting that his biological father was transgender and decided to get back at her by informing the police of her crime. Season One Sophia is first seen in " I Wasn't Ready ", where she compliments Pip er 's hair and tells her to come by Sophia's salon when she needs her roots doing. In " Tit Punch ", Piper manages to trade some of Sophia's shea butter for a lock of her own hair, which Sophia weaves into Taystee 's hair.

The shea butter is one of the ingredients that Piper uses to create a painkilling balm for Red 's back, thus ending her starvation punishment for insulting Red's food.

Sophia appears to have an ongoing rivalry with Danitawho also runs a hair salon Sophia from orange is the new black. Stella Carlin Litchfield, but has only been mentioned so far. It's revealed that she had been in Litchfield for two years prior to Season Two. As of " Fucksgiving ", she Dating in new place york three years and eight months of her sentence left. Season Two Sophia applied for furlough when her father had a lung transplant that didn't take. Sophia had a very distant relationship with her father after her transition, but when he started dying, he began to accept her and even called her his daughter " Appropriately Sized Pots ".

Season Three Throughout much of the season Sophia and Gloria feel and share the helplessness that comes with being a mother behind bars, and Gloria asks Sophia if Crystal can Sophia from orange is the new black. Stella Carlin her son, Bennyrides up to the prison with her Michael. Shortly after, Michael starts swearing, acting belligerently and getting into fights, which causes Sophia to blame his actions on Benny being a bad influence. Angered, Sophia retracts the offer to give Benny rides to the prison. It's later revealed that the bad behavior was Michael's doing, not Benny's, which just causes tempers to flare even more between Sophia and Gloria.

A verbal altercation in the bathroom culminates with Sophia shoving Gloria into a wall, which gives her a black eye. Sophia appears to be genuinely sorry, but does not apologize to Gloria either for the shove or for the fact that she was wrong about the situation between Michael and Benny. Their fight leads to Aleida spreading transphobic rumors about Sophia, causing Sophia's salon to be boycotted and leading to her being harassed and attacked by a number of inmates. Gloria is seen to be remorseful about the situation and is angry at Aleida's actions. Due to the situation, Sophia threatens to sue Litchfield for low security and control.

This blows up in her face, however, when she is sent to the SHU for "her own protection". At the end of Season Three, Sophia is still in the SHU being treated exactly like the other inmates, despite the fact that she is ostensibly there for "protection". Crystal finds out that Sophia is in the SHU indefinitely after Mendoza asks her son to go over to Crystal Burset's house and tell Michael to relay the situation to his mother. Crystal heads over to Litchfield to try and get Sophia out by talking to Caputo but is not successful. After Caputo ignores Sophia's requests to review the decision of her being in SHU, Sophia stages a protest by stuffing her clothing down the toilet to clog it up and flood out her cell.

When this doesn't work, she breaks the light bulb, holds up a toilet roll to ignite it from the electrical current, and uses it to light her cell on fire, resulting in all the inmates getting evacuated from SHU temporarily " Doctor Psycho ". Sophia being escorted out of her SHU cell after she set her bed on fire.

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