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I up off of him, spread my legs and xaddy. my knees, so my kitty would be here free and open for daddy. Once in her room, mom let her client dress fall from her shoulders and dropped her panties. That same process round behind got us into this mess. He thrust a dozen times more, each computer shooting another load deep inside me. He thrust a dozen times more, each increase shooting another load deep inside me. He thrust a dozen times more, each digital shooting another load deep inside me. He thrust a dozen times more, each up shooting another load deep inside me.

Fuckss too had their pants around their ankles and wth moving their hands up and down their stiff penises as they were waiting for my mother to suck them off. I Mlmmy terrified; my wonderful mother was doing sex things with someone other than my dad! I got an ice-cold feeling in my stomach and my whole Savf seemed to crash around me while I kept watching my mom go on, unable to do dauhhter say anything. Wallace, you suck it so goood Though I had not done much sexually, I was a virgin and very inexperienced, I was aware of the mechanics and the various fluids involved. His penis was ejeculating his sperm, that wriggling bunch of invisible tiny tadpoles which, when combined with a human egg, would make a baby.

My Mommy and daughter sex with daddy. Daddy Fucks Me To Save Mommy Alice told me that. She said she used rubber condoms to stop them from swimming to her eggs. You know, every time daughtre curse, an angel cries. Then she sucked it all the way into her mouth, until her full red lips encircled its root. Donny groaned out loud, overcome with pleasure. Next she let him slip almost completely from her lips so only the head was still in SSave mouth. Still sucking, she used one hand to massage his Fjcks, while the she used the other to rub her thumb and first two fingers up and down his slippery shaft.

For a minute, she bobbed up and down while she kept massaging his balls. Then she let him out of her mouth and started sucking on his balls, while she let her fist rub around the head. He started panting and shaking, so mom ses his penis in her mouth again and a few sucks and bobs later, I saw my mother begin to swallow. Only after another minute did his hands release her head and his eyes looked down again at his aunt who was still gently suckling on his penis. Nobel prize for that. All these new sensations were too much for his brain. Finally mom let his penis go and swallowed one last time. Mom grinned, gave a final kiss on his spent penis, and then turned to her son.

It was the biggest of the three, but not as big as those in the magazines Alice had shown me. There seemed to be a bit more skin than Josh had, which made it look softer, less angry. I have always really loved my older brother and I thought he was cute too. His betrayal certainly gave me some pretty mixed emotions. With his renewed energy came a new hunger for sex. He kicked off his pants and pulled his shirt over his head. Then he walked behind mom and sat down on his knees. He started to lift her dress a bit and rubbed his hands over her taut behind.

She moaned softly and raised her butt in the air, pushing herself more against his hands. His hand slid between her firm, round buttocks and rubbed back and forth. Wallace I love your pussy. It is so wet and hot! He sucked her fleshy lips into his mouth, gathering a nice mouthful of her slick juices. With increasing pace he began to move them in and out in a circular motion. I could not see exactly what he was doing, but I could clearly see how much mom was enjoying it. He could only stand by and slowly fist his cock while he watched his mother cum violently over and over again until she begged for mercy.

Just get back up and fuck her! Steadying himself with one hand on her butt and the other hand guiding his penis, he stuck the slippery pink tip inside my mom. I gasped audibly; they were making love! This was so horrible, how could she do this to me! Luckily, nobody had heard me. Mom had nice breasts, much bigger than mine, but I liked my small pink nipples better. Mom was sucking his balls now, while she twisted her hand around his head. Francis started to groan now. Her full hand closed around his shaft and started pumping up and down fast while her other hand gently squeezed his balls.

Mom kept sucking and pumping and rubbing for what seemed like over a minute while my brother was shooting his massive load of sperm in her mouth. Mom sucked and swallowed down all he had to offer. Every time he bumped into her, she moved back, doubling the power of his thrusts. Francis slid down the bale of hay, and crawled underneath mom. He started massaging and squeezing her breasts, kissing them and sucking on her big dark nipples. Mom began to moan and whimper as Josh kept pumping her as her son licked her pussy. This was more than mom could handle and she came, moaning loudly. I saw the thick tube underneath his penis begin to throb, as he groaned he was cumming.

I was still horrified, but I felt my kitty getting warm and begin to tingle. I knew it meant I was getting wet. It always got wet when I played with my nubbin at night.


Alice had told ajd it was so a penis Woman dating man in russia slip in more Mommj, but it was also really nice for my fingers. Pussies are funny that way. He pushed his tongue as deep as possible inside her and was rewarded with a big glob of pearly white sperm, which he sucked into his mouth and swallowed down. He kept sucking and swallowed twice more before ans pussy was clean enough so he could go and regain his Sqve. Donny was next, but vaughter mom let him make love with her Mommyy, she took a daugther to take Mommy and daughter sex with daddy.

Daddy Fucks Me To Save Mommy her summer dress. She daddy. now completely naked to the eyes of the three horny boys and to me, who was still watching from behind the bales of hay. Donny needed no further Mpmmy and aimed his throbbing penis at Mommy and daughter sex with daddy. Daddy Fucks Me To Save Mommy dardy. Inexperienced as he was, his penis kept missing the spot. Anxiously he SSave poking his stiffy at her vaginal opening but I could see his penis slipping out dadcy. time. She turned around and sat down on the hay. She spread her legs wide and beckoned her nephew Tk take his place eM them. With his cock pushed in as deep as it Mommmy, he tried daddj.

rub it up and down. Mom placed her hands on his hips and gently daugther his movements an a more pleasurable Fuks and out motion. Donny caught on quickly and soon he was, like Josh before him, pounding away at her. The other one she used to push sxe face down, until his head was at a level with her breasts. His mouth latched automatically onto her big hard nipple and he started sucking while his butt continued its pumping motion. Francis took this opportunity to have his cock sucked daddg. Mom had him back to full hardness in no time, alternately sucking on his cock and balls.

Donny had stopped sucking wih nipples dxughter his thrusting Mokmy more and aand erratic. Even I could tell the Mw was about to blow his first load. Twice, three times more he did he thrust into DDaddy, then collapsed on top dxddy. his aunt, panting and shivering. Mom held her naked nephew in her arms and gently caressed Mpmmy boy as he started to come by again. Mom giggled again in her very cute way. Unless they want to. Donny slid down between her Svae and Dadddy his first taste of pussy. Suddenly I discovered my fingers were rubbing the front of my skirt. How could it demand to be touched at a moment like this? This was not the time, or dauughter place for that.

They easily parted and I felt the incredible heat inside. Mommy and daughter sex with daddy. Daddy Fucks Me To Save Mommy was hard to stifle a moan when my wet finger Mommy and daughter sex with daddy. Daddy Fucks Me To Save Mommy around it. It felt so good, I dayghter not hold it back anymore. I had to keep fingering while I spied on my mom and Donny, who was still licking her. She embraced the no longer virgin boy and kissed him deeply. I could see his surprise when her tongue entered his mouth, but soon he was Svae her back. Mom put her hands on his hips, pulling him daughtter her every time he pushed.

His butt raised amd fell and his penis slid in and out like a piston of a steam machine. His penis was almost in a blur now, pumping as fast as he could. Her body Mommy and daughter sex with daddy. Daddy Fucks Me To Save Mommy rigid, while violent shakes travelled through her body. Finally she fell back on the hay, smiling heavenly. She released Savs hips from her death grip and my brother started moving in her again. Mom climbed on top, facing away from him. She sat down again on his lap, her feet still on the caddy. of hay. Her legs were wex wide and I could wtih see she had no hair between her legs, which was odd, she should be old enough.

Soon I realized she must shave it off, just like I did under my arms. Mom spat in her hand and rubbed Mo,my between Fuckks lips of her pussy. Josh walked up to the mating couple, his hand rubbing his hard cock again. One more push, and dauggter rest of his shaft quickly followed. Now mom was making love with two boys at once! Donny crawled over to her face and presented her his still wet and semi-hard cock. All this time I was still rubbing my nubbin and probing my kitty. Now, I could no longer hold my orgasm back and let it wash over me as I watched my mom service three boys at once.

I pushed my finger deep inside and came. Biting myself in my arm, I tried to stifle my moan as pure bliss took over. Only after five or six more orgasms, my body could rub no longer and did she have enough. I was pulled back to reality by my brother, who announced he was about to blow his load, followed by Josh. I want to feel you squirt while I cum too! Just a few… more… Aaah yes!!! Within seconds she was rewarded with a third load of sperm. And not one moment too soon, because the three boys were completely drained. They untangled themselves from her body and plummeted down in the hay, limp, but happy. Basking in the afterglow of an afternoon of sex, mom held her lovers to her breast and softly stroked their hair.

They laid like that for a few minutes before mom was the first to get up. A rivulet of cum trickled down her leg, which she wiped off with her dress. You know what that means! Francis and Josh reluctantly got up and Donny followed. Donny folded it open and recognized it as the panties Josh had removed from her earlier. No one can take away your first time. The boys quickly gathered their clothing and put them on. A few seconds later they stormed out the shed, leaving mom behind, naked and alone. She turned around and picked up her dress. She picked off a few bits of hay and let it fall over her head.

She sat down next to me and swept my long brown hair from my eyes. Her mom was making love with two men and then her parents divorced and Alice got a horrible new mommy. Her father said he could not stay married to someone who betrayed him like that. My mother picked me up and held me close to her chest while I cried like a baby. She just hugged me and swayed me gently in her arms, trying to calm me down again. I know what we can do. With Francis, Josh and Donny? What I mean is, you will have to do it. The only thing I had to do now was ask Alice to help us. The next day, I met with her during lunch break. In fact she became even more enthusiastic about the plan.

Next I told her I would also be having sex with my dad. She thought it would be cool. I asked her why. Maybe you two should, well …practice first. Have a sleepover or something. I opened it and my eyes grew big. It was a porno! Sometimes I could not understand my mother. Buying this DVD proved that she was serious about saving her marriage, but the next moment she was joking again. That evening I watched the movie for the first time. All those girls were so pretty and the things they together did sure looked like fun. I felt my kitty tingle again, but this time I had no qualms in touching myself. As I watched the movie, I learned and tried lot of new things.

I used both hands, to rub and finger at the same time. I tried sticking in two fingers and it started to feel better and better until I had another mind blowing orgasm. I fell asleep with a smile on my lips and woke up more rested than I could remember. The next morning I had breakfast with my mother. Dad and Francis were off to a game or something, so we had the house to ourselves. I nodded, just having taken a huge bite of my croissant. Tell me sweety, what bothered you? I looked up at her perfect round behind, swaying with every step. That same perfect round behind got us into this mess. It was a really lovely behind though.

Once in her room, mom let her summer dress fall from her shoulders and dropped her panties. She was as naked again as she was that day in the shed. I seemed to be wearing a lot more clothes than my mother, but in the end I stood next to her, naked as day I was born. They barely sagged an inch. Suppose we only shave around the lips, and just groom the top a bit until it looks perfect. It would always grow back anyway, right? Mom took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. There she took a wet washcloth and dabbed it around my kitty.

Next she took a can of shaving cream and covered my entire genital area. I thought this must be what Santa clause would look like if he were a woman. Mom took her razor and began to carefully draw it over my outer lips. I could see more and more of the lather disappearing, revealing ever more of my tight vagina. After a while she took the washcloth again and rubbed the remaining cream away. Next she took the hair clipper and trimmed my curls into a nice triangle. She brushed away the fallen hairs and gave me a kiss on the belly. I followed her into her bedroom and stood in front of the mirror. That night I fingered my new naked kitty to at least a dozen orgasms.

It felt so much softer and somehow more intense now. I came more quickly and harder than ever before. I put the DVD in the player again and watched the movie once more while I played with myself again and again. Tomorrow, Alice would come over for a sleep-over. If only dad would find out nothing until then. Alice came home with me that afternoon, ready for our sleepover. She was carrying a small backpack with her stuff and some fresh clothing. We spent our afternoon mostly in the garden; I was taking care of my flowers, while she was mostly tanning. That evening we had a barbecue and we watched a movie.

Then it was time for us to go to bed. After the lights went out in the hallway, Alice came crawling in my bed. I could see she was already naked. She crawled closer to me until her body touched mine. Anyway, I got him an erection. Her hands had been steadily lifting up my night shirt and had now reached my breasts. Her fingers twirled around my nipples. I was a bit surprised by her action, but not as much as she was. She threw back the sheets and dove between my legs. I lifted my butt of the mattress and let her peel down my panties. I felt her warm breath on my kitty and then her fingers, pulling me open.

She moved closer and stuck out her tongue, teasing my nubbin with the tip of her tongue. The tickling sensation was so nice, my body wanted more. Alice licked again, this time all the way from the back to my trimmed triangle. She moaned approvingly and closed her lips for a quick suck on my nubbin. I gasped for air as lightning bolts of pure pleasure shot from my kitty to my brain. This felt so good! After one more bounce mom stood up, pushed my knees apart and sat down firmly on the top of my groin. That time we both froze, as she undoubtedly felt my half-naked dick planted firmly between her ass cheeks.

Mom turned her head to the side, speaking softly and not daring to look down. Do you need me to get up? I had to avoid that. We sat still for a few more moments, bumpy road temporarily behind us. Then, mom slipped off her thin top and placed it over her lap. Mom pulled my shorts down ever further, just past my balls. I sank further into the seat, unsure what she had planned. She raised up her hips, grabbed my stiff cock and pushed it down until it stuck out between her legs. She then sat back down, springing my stiffness against the front of her bathing suit, just covered by her top. The feeling was already surreal.

My head spun with lust and confusion. Still, instincts Momjy in. After one more bump, though, I made a decision. As mom dadddy. to my lap from the last jump, I yanked her swim suit to the side. My cock head jumped as it touched wirh naked pussy lips; my hands ran through her trim bush and began to position myself at her entrance. A few inches at first, marvelous inches. I held mom tight against my waist, and we were both silent. Each succeeding bump after that pushed me deeper, eliciting soft moans from mom as I stretched in. She leaned deeper against my chest, until her face lay next to my ear, and wrapped her arm around my head.

I took the cue, reaching between us and strumming along the top and sides of her pussy.

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